Teaching Jewish Teens to be Leaders in the Community, in Society, and in the World


JTLI is a two-year program for 9th-12th graders to explore leadership and what it means to be a leader in all fields and in all walks of life–all from a Jewish perspective. JTLI is a new kind of leadership program for Jewish teens. It is not a program solely about Judaism, nor how to be leaders in the Jewish community alone. Rather, it is a leadership program that inspires teens to lead through a global Jewish perspective–informed by the rich wisdom, insight, and motivation of Jewish thought, religion and culture.

JTLI is based on the idea that the Jewish tradition is here to empower and inspire us to be leaders among all of humanity in the wider world. JTLI graduates will go on to lead proudly as Jews, knowing how their Jewishness serves as an anchor to guide them in becoming leaders in the many fields that await them in life.